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Commercial Pest Control FREE QUOTE

RED BACK SPIDERS 90% of Warehouses will have red back spider issues these can become a workcover nightmare as well as a danger to your staff. A free inspection may save your company grief. As summer approaches cockroaches in offices and warehouses may be an issue have a FREE inspection now its too late when you become aware there is a infestation please call us on 1300 367 883.

Cockroach & Rodent Problems

One of our technicians was asked to erradicate a bad infestation of german cockroaches from a Buddhist centre that also has restaurant and commercial kitchen. The cockroaches were easy to manage as we only use the best preparations like goliath cockroach gel. The customers were very happy with the prompt service.

Bird Problems & Flying Insects

With spring upon us different bird species and flying insects may start infesting your premises. To avoid infestation of bird mites proof any entry points now.At On Site we will inspect advise and quote absolutly FREE call on 1300 367 883 or email pestsolutions@optusnet.com.au